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With our 2018 range, there is bound to be the perfect caravan for you. Intelligently designed, award-winning products, made in Europe's leading state-of-the-art facilities and supported by an extensive and professional dealer network.

With our 2018 range, there is bound to be the perfect caravan for you. Intelligently designed, award-winning products, made in Europe's leading state-of-the-art facilities and supported by an extensive and professional dealer network.

Why choose Adria?

Passion and experience really matter.

Adria has been designing and manufacturing recreational vehicles for over fifty years. This experience and the passion and skills of our workforce, really matter when designing and manufacturing your next vehicle.

Adria offers products in all categories of motorhome, caravan and van conversions and has a large choice of layouts. Adria products continue to win independent awards too, for design, innovation, quality and value for money.

Adria practices intelligent design, which optimizes the use of technology, the best construction methods and materials. Innovatively-styled vehicles with contemporary interiors as well as unique Adria solutions like Smart kitchens and hotel-style ergonomic bathrooms.

Adria operates the most advanced production facilities in the industry, ISO 9001, 14001 & EFQM 5 star certified for business excellence, quality management and environmental standards. Here, world-class manufacturing techniques and processes are operated, for designed-in and built-in quality.

Adria vehicles have a reputation for quality, reliability and durability using proven automotive manufacturing techniques. We make most of our own furniture and quality control the entire vehicle manufacturing process.

Adria products come with a class-leading warranty. There's a professional dealer network of over 450 Adria dealers across Europe and beyond, backed up by a world-class parts supply and aftersales service.

Designed for living

Details matter

In designing a caravan, details matter and every centimetre counts. The science of layouts and construction, so that everything is in the right place, is learned over decades and Adria brings this experience to every vehicle.

Only Adria offers innovative solutions such as our Smart kitchens, hotel-style Ergo bathrooms, a wide selection of sleeping solutions, optimized and flexible storage and our unique panoramic windows.

A wide range of sleeping solutions on berths with optimized dimensions and comfortable mattresses. A choice of solutions from parent beds, single beds, French beds and layouts with up-to three bunk-beds.



Contemporary interiors with a feeling of space and great functionality. A choice of seating area and dinettes and a wide choice of furniture and textiles.



Intelligently designed kitchens based on ergonomic principles and everything in the right place in our Smart kitchens. Integrated functionalities and the best appliances. Useful features and plenty of storage.

Hotel-style bathrooms designed using ergonomic principles, with excellent functionality and touches of luxury. Quality bathroom equipment, useful storage and layouts including en-suite format and our Ergo bathroom in some caravans, with a fold-away sink.



Smart-living solutions, including intelligent TV placement, digital controllers and integrated multi-media walls on some models. Enhanced USB sockets and Bluetooth amplifiers across the model ranges and our new 'Live Stream' application option available on Alpina.

Smart solutions






Optimized and flexible storage on all caravans with places for the things you need.

Designed to perform

Windows & Doors

The largest and most advanced panoramic windows available, with built-in features. All windows and doors are integrated into the vehicle body for optimum natural lighting, ventilation, privacy and security.

*some features may not be available on all models.


Adria uses the best chassis for the safest handling and optimum weight management, meaning chassis from the leading supplier AL-KO

*some features may not be available on all models.

Body Construction

Modular construction using the best materials,with GFK body construction, on most models for long-lasting durable performance and protection. Adria’s Comprex body construction on Alpina. Please check your model’s details on our website. All models come with a 7 year Water Ingress Warranty.

*some features may not be available on all models.


Optimized heating efficiency with precise engineering and cold-chamber testing ensuring all season use. A choice of Truma air heating or Alde integrated warm water heating on selected models.

*some features may not be available on all models.

Intelligent Design

Adria’s exclusive ‘I-shaped’ design exterior styling with dynamic front profiles, rear walls and integrated chrome handles, tent profiles and LED lights. Modular ABS plastic parts and polyester construction on most models.

*some features may not be available on all models.

Safety & Chassis

Adria chassis are developed to enable safer handling, robust construction and optimum weight management with AL-KO as the main chassis supplier

*some features may not be available on all models.


The latest thermal insulation materials, sophisticated heat and air flow management and the best heating for all year round use.

*some features may not be available on all models.


Adria’s sophisticated Air Flow System means integrated air-flow and ventilation designed in from the start. Air vents, window design and sun-shading features ensure comfort whatever the weather.

*some features may not be available on all models.

Furniture & Storage

Craftsman built cabinetry, designed and manufactured in our own facilities for durable and reliable quality. Integrated design with heating and air flow means optimum thermal efficiency too. Plenty of flexible storage throughout each vehicle for all your gear too.

*some features may not be available on all models.

Comfort & Safety

Enjoy Adria’s expertise in innovative living comfort, with the combination of optimized space and functionality, ergonomically designed ‘Ergo’ kitchens and bathrooms and contemporary interior design.

*some features may not be available on all models.

Customer Service

Class-leading 2 Year General Warranty and 7 Year Water Ingress warranty as standard. Backed up by a professional dealer network of over 450 dealers.

*some features may not be available on all models.

Real-world performance

All Adria caravans are also designed to perform. Everything is meticulously designed, developed and tested to ensure your safety, comfort and enjoyment when on your adventures. Built to enjoy, built to last.

Intelligent design which optimizes the use of technology, the best construction methods, materials and innovative styling.


Our designs integrated form and function, with a completely integrated tent profile, chrome handles and a range of well-engineered window solutions, including the largest integrated panoramic windows available.


Adria is a pioneer of intelligently designed exterior components, with multi-piece ABS plastic parts for looks and real world performance.


Adria's exclusive i-shaped exterior design means the best exterior profile for handling and airflow whilst moving with innovative front and rear walls.


Adria caravans offer a choice of heating system, both are efficient and powerful, each with its own advantages.

Most Adria caravans are available with Truma heating. A popular, easy to use system, with warm air being distributed through a series of insulated pipes.

Models with Alde heating use a heated liquid transferring the heat throughout the caravan integrated into the floor. Choose optional Alde Smart Control and control through your smart phone.

Adria optimizes the heating efficiency of all vehicles with precise engineering and cold-chamber testing. The best insulation enables the elimination of thermal bridges for a comfortable environment, all year round.


All Adria vehicles are built to Thermo-build standards optimizing the use of insulation materials, heating design and Adria Air Flow System. This means Adria caravans are suitable for use all year round.

Ventilation & Cooling

Adria caravans are designed to be comfortable too, with sophisticated air-flow management, good ventilation, windows with integrated sun-shading or tinting and opportunities to fit air-conditioning.

Living in motion

Adria’s philosophy of “living in motion” is never better exemplified than in its support of cycling. The Adria-Mobil Cycling Team are the top Slovenian cycling team in the UCI European Tour for the last six years. For more information visit

Adria Mobil Cycling Team.

Extreme Performance

Sam Sunderland, 2017 Dakar Rally Motorcycle Winner. KTM’s sixteenth triumph at the annual Dakar rally.

Every January since 2013 a fleet of Adria motorhomes, straight off the production line are taken on the Dakar Rally in South America by our partners Red Bull KTM Factory Racing. Each vehicle provides home comforts to the riders and team as they battle across 9,000kms of the toughest terrain on earth. This is the ultimate real-world durability test, won four times in a row..

World-class Partners

One of the best skiers of all time, Tina Maze, from Slovenia. An extreme performance athlete with thirteen Olympic and World Championship medals, double World Champion 2015 and highest ever world cup points score 2012-13. Tina uses her Sonic to balance her training, studies and leisure time.

Tina Maze, double World Champion and double Olympic Gold Medallist.