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Summer approaches, its warming up all around us and the memory of the dark days of winter for most of us are well behind us in the rear view mirror. Many of us have every holiday week or weekend fully planned out to known and favourite destinations, then again many people just like the ‘let’s just go’ freedom that owning your own recreational vehicle enables.

Beaches, lakes, mountains, cities? There’s so much opportunity in Europe and so much diversity. It can take a lifetime to tick all the “bucket list” boxes. And above all, doing it with a recreational vehicle means you travel with friends, family and make new adventures and new memories together.

If you are looking for ideas there’s plenty of sources of course, including our very own Inspirations Magazine for which back-copies are on this website. In the past issues we have been to many super destinations and in our next edition, to be published from July we will be trying our perennial favourite Greece.

In the meantime, enjoy our video and love your adventures!