For 3 weeks on tour with the Coral XL Axess

Influencer and blogger Hanna Mietz made a 3 weeks trip in an Adria Coral XL Axess 600 DP and got convinced that a vacation in a motorhome is simply unbeatable and the best way to travel.

When it became clear that we would be traveling with an Adria Coral XL Axess 600 DP from Gebetsroither Caravan for almost 3 weeks, I was more than excited. Finally back on the road, finally immersing yourself in Vanlife and all the adventures that it brings with it. After living in our VW T3 bus for 3 years and traveling all the way to Morocco, I really missed this lifestyle in our old Viennese apartment. So it was finally time to get out of the apartment and into the mobile home. 


"Spacious alcoven bedroom with 2 side windows and a panoramic window quickly became our favourite spot in the motorhome."

While the suitcases were packed faster than my partner could see, I was already dreaming of the exciting routes, endless roads and cozy evenings in the motorhome by candlelight.

More than enough living space...

So we were ready start - only this time with definitely more luxury and more autonomy on board than with our beloved Bulli back then. When we picked up the motorhome from the Gebetsroither headquarters in Liezen on a Friday afternoon, we were simply thrilled by the compact equipment. In addition to the large refrigerator, there was even a freezer compartment, an enormous amount of space and storage space, not only in the kitchen area, but also in the entire living room. The spacious alcoven in the front with its 2 side windows and a small panoramic roof immediately became our favorite place. The bathroom was also impressive - yes, I consciously call it 'room' at this point, because it was not just a toilet, but really a small room with a separate shower, which was so big that two people could easily shower in it. An extensive wellness time on the road trip was guaranteed.

After we had properly arranged and stowed everything, and the refrigerator was filled to the brim, we started full of anticipation. 


Our plan was to explore a little bit of beautiful Austria before we crossed the border to Germany to surprise our families in Northern Germany. We had adjusted to the autumn weather in October and so the rain, which did show up every now and then, could not harm us.

Our first destination was the Attersee, where we spent the first days of our trip before we continued to the Traunsee. How wonderful it is to always have everything with you in a fully equipped motorhome, to stop where you find it nice, to enjoy a coffee in the sun and then simply drive on.So we drove to the foot of the Traunstein, had a long hike for 2 hours with a fantastic view, and then we could simply stop off like a king - with filled bottles full of spring water very comfortably in our own temporary house on wheels. Thanks to the built-in heating, it didn't get cold in the evening / at night and we could set our desired room temperature directly via the control display. 

Since the heater was located directly under the bathroom, this also had another benefit: there was underfloor heating. It couldn't be better for a cozy feel-good mood on an autumn road trip.


As soon as the German border was crossed, we heard the sea calling even louder. Without any great stops in the rest of Germany, we drove straight to my parents' home in Sommersdorf, on the beautiful Kummerower See, in the Mecklenburg Lake District, with just one night on the Havel (outer perimeter of german capital Berlin). After all the Austrian mountains, it was really good to enjoy the endless expanses of the flat country! Just lovely! The empty country paths literally invited you to explore them, pause and enjoy the silence in the middle of nature. How inviting it can be to relax with a good book and a cup of tea, but ideally just sit and watch. To mute the thoughts and just to fully recharge ones personal batteries. We enjoyed the absolute freedom that this mobile home brought with it, because apart from emptying the toilet, disposing of the grey water and filling up the fresh water, we didn't even drive to a campsite once. Because we lacked for nothing with the motorhomes equipment.

"Chill Mode on" like in the comfort of your own home!

After a few days at Kummerower See, we finally went to the rough sea - to Kägsdorf on the Baltic Sea. This was our very first stop after we bought our VW T3 bus. So this parking space had a very special meaning for us. With a glass of wine and candlelight, we listened to the sound of the waves in the evening and indulged in the most beautiful memories.As always on such wonderful journeys, time flew by in no time, and before we made our way back to Austria, our last stop was Lübeck. There we not only visited my partner's family, but also enjoyed more hours of sea in the most beautiful places on the coast of Schleswig-Holstein.If it had been up to us, we would have loved to drive this great motorhome to the end of the world. With a sad heart, however, we had to give it back after an unforgettable road trip. The memories remain in the form of pictures and videos, which we will look at again and again.

I can only warmly recommend Gebetsroither, this motorhome or at least an extensive trip with it to all those who are looking for more freedom, who want to get out of everyday city life in order to find more to themselves and the essential things in life.

Adria Coral XL - exterior looks really good.

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(Text and photos: Hanna Mietz)