Unsung heroes

You need great design, innovation and many other things to make great leisure vehicles but more than anything you need a great team.

Here we celebrate just a handful of our “unsung heroes”.

MIRO BOBNAR, sitting on the right side, is a machine operator, who has been working in Adria for 32 years; for more than 20 last years he has been the head of the prototype workshop, which currently hosts 14 employees. Miro explains that the major challenges at the workplace include new features and time constraints as one of the major obstacles in the preparation of new prototypes. In the past years, the biggest challenge was the preparation of products in time for the conferences and the trade fair in Düsseldorf; whereas, in recent years, the preparation of prototypes takes place throughout the year, so that the work is more evenly distributed and is less stressful in this regard. 
“There used to be fewer prototypes – 10 to 15 a year; now we have up to 5 a month.”

MIHAELA PUREBER OPALK has been working for Adria since 2000. Her job includes soldering LED-strips for ambient lighting in Adria's products. She has been working for all four assembly lines for the past seven years; before that, she did assembly-line work. Mihaela is a seamstress by profession, which greatly helps her to perform her current job, as these LED lights and strips require a high degree of precision, otherwise the lights don't work; there can be no rush. She feels that: “more intergenerational cooperation is needed because it is obvious that the younger generations have a different view of the world.“

IVANKA BUDETIČ has been a part of Adria for 36 years! She had previously worked in pre-assembly: making door frames for caravans, wardrobe doors, wall assembly, bed assembly, bed upholstery, fitting of countertop lids, bathroom equipment, but then she was transferred to the electrics department, where her work includes preparing electrical installations for caravans. “I hope Adria will continue operating as successfully as before, since we have been together through good times and bad times.”

ŽIGA BRADAČ is relatively new in Adria Mobil, he has been working here for two years, but he is already an important part of the caravan assembly line – his main assignment is the assembly foreman, but he also performs inspections of certain procedures that are carried out by his colleagues on the assembly line and the functioning of the braking system. “It is necessary to be 100% focused, there is zero tolerance for errors because safety and quality always come first.”

MIHA PODERGAJS, is a carpenter who has spent almost half of his life working in Adria Mobil – 18 years. He is very experienced, since he has already worked on the assembly lines for caravans and motorhomes and even on the production of Adria's mobile homes in Adria Dom. He is currently in the small parts department and he likes it a lot “because the job is more versatile than working on assembly lines.”

SUZANA UHAN has been working in Adria Mobil since 2004, she started in the caravan production, spent two years on the van production line; after that she worked in the motorhome quality control and the Sonic quality control. Now she works in the laboratory as an independent chemical lab technician. Her job mostly includes operating the universal tester doing mechanical tests, such as the tensile tube test, bolt extraction test, spot bending, pressure and shear tests and thermal conductivity tests. Her work also involves testing new materials that are built into Adria's products. “I especially like Adria's continuous progress, improvement of the existing solutions and the constant search of new ones with the aim of producing more complex and high-quality products.” 

These and many other photographs form part of a temporary exhibition at the Adria Mobil factory and is being shared on Adria social media channels throughout 2019.