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Winning the best caravan holidays ever!

Winning the best caravan holidays ever!

The Wichards Family won a weeks’ holiday with an Adria Altea 552 PK.

The Wichards Family won a weeks’ holiday with an Adria Altea 552 PK and a Subaru Outback towing car in a dutch contest. Here they tell you about their experience.

“Thank you for this fantastic prize! We (a family with a little boy of 3 years old) have really enjoyed the wonderful holiday in the beautiful new Adria caravan and the marvellous Subaru. Till now we have never camped in a caravan before so we were really curious whether this type of holiday would suit us. To make a story short: We love dit!

The fun started already on day 1 when we went to the Subaru dealer to pick up the car. We were “given” a brand new Subaru Outback. The dealer was very friendly and explained us everything of the car. He even took us on a testdrive at an off-road course in the forest nearby! We had to get used tot he green colour but as the holiday proceeded we liked it more and more. It gives the car a tough but trustworthy look.

We picked up the caravan at the nearest Adria caravan dealer. Such a comfortable caravan to drive with. And to live in. Spacious and with a very modern interior. We hardly missed anything and Adria had even taken care of inventory.


The Subaru turned out to be a car that does it all. With permanent 4-wheel drive it is the ideal car to tow a caravan. Without any trouble it towed our 7 meter long Altea up to the campsite in Limburg (NL) which is situated on a hill with at the steapest point, a slope percentage of 14%.

The weather was typically dutch with some sun and some rain from time to time, but not bad for the end of April. At night temperature dropped rapidly but the heating system in the caravan kept us comfortably warm at all times. During the day we spent most of the time outside under the fixed awning. Which in our opinion is a very convenient accessory when travelling around.

We are not caravan-campers. However, we are very pleasantly surprised by the comfort and versatility of camping with a caravan. And even the Subaru Outback surprised us in a way we never expected. The week was over before we knew it.

Camping with this combination again next year? For sure!”

Of course we asked the family specifically to their pro’s and cons for our Adria Altea 552 PK:

Adria NL: you’ve never camped with a caravan. And yet you entered the contest. What made you decide to do so?
"Last summer we camped with a tent at a campsite in Austria and especially on the somewhat colder days, we looked with a bit of envy to the comfort of the caravans around us. We wondered if this could be something for us as well?"

Adria NL: What was positive in our Altea 552 PK?

"The modern interior and the layout really appealed to us. The 2 rooflights made the caravan bathe in natural light. Enough storage spaces. A very practical cooking area, big fridge and freezer, very functional. We loved listening to some music through the Bluetooth transmitter. As early in the season we were, we were very happy with the heating. The caravan heated up quickly."

Adria NL: What are your personal points for improvement in this caravan?

" The sanitary corner with the wardrobe/cupboards takes up too much space in our opinion. For 7 people we think the caravan is a bit on the small side, a tent in front is a must in this case. The bunkbed is only suitable for kids. Because of the lengt hand weight of the caravan we recommend a mover as “standard” equipment for easier handling on the campsite or lining the caravan up behind the car. The mattress has a standard thickness but for more comfort can be thicker."

Adria NL: what is the biggest difference compared with other types of holidays you had?

"The ease and comfort of the caravan is really nice especially during the colder off-season nights when comparing with camping in a tent."

Adria NL: something you want to emphasize or remark?

"The Adria Altea 552 PK is a very nice caravan you really want to be seen with."

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