For an easier, more comfortable life.

Advanced app now offers clever remote control of all important functions and even more comfort when inside. Adria MACH provides intuitive insights into your energy and water supplies, large caravanning POI database and many extras.

How? Simple!

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What MACH can do for you:

Simplify your life & Help your adventure:

Remote control of important functions

Lights, heating, cooling, battery, water, gas, fridge … (with statistics and prediction)

Navigation & POI

Nearby refilling points suggestion and large POI database (Adria dealers, camps, parking spots, restaurants, landmarks …)

Manage your vehicle

Interactive and intuitive manuals, levelling information 8angle-accelerometer), key technical data …

Mobile office

Wi-Fi hotspot functionality (access to web, listening to IP radio, watching IP TV …)

Mach availability for Season 2020

Some real-life situations where MACH proves its worth.

How MACH works:

Install the app from Google Play or visit
Create your Adria ID
Connect to your vehicle
Enjoy tailored experience