Adria Astella - winner of European Innovation Award

On the trade show CMT v Stuttgart, which is one of the most important trade shows in the industry, there has been a traditional Eurpoean Innovation Award giving ceremony held on Sunday, 12th January 2020. Our luxurious caravan Adria Astella won the Award in 2 categories, which is an outstanding news.


Adria Astella won the European Innovation Award in the categories:

1. Layout

2. Overall caravan concept


The EIA winners were selected, by the jury of 17 editors in chief from all the most important magazines in the industry. This time their task was not that easy at all, since they had to select from among more than 200 finalists from the caravaning industry. 


More information about the winning Adria Astella caravan you can find on the Astella mini site: