Tour of Slovenia

Slovenia welcomes top class cycling and the 2021 Tour of Slovenia, the road cycling race, which covers over 800km of top-class cycling during the period June 9-13th. The race starts in Ptuj and ends in Novo mesto, the home of Adria Mobil and site of its’ world-class manufacturing facility. 

Adria Mobil has been a sponsor and supporter of sports and cycling since 2001, and in 2006 the company became the general sponsor of the Novo mesto cycling club, which has since been named after him - the Adria Mobil Cycling Club.

The Adria Mobil cycling team has been the organizer of the Tour of Slovenia cycling race from the very beginning. In two decades of cooperation, many goals and milestones have been achieved, on the basis of which the Adria Mobil cycling team has been considered the best cycling team in Slovenia for many years, which is confirmed by the results achieved by the club in competitions as well as in education and organization of sport events. 

Previous winners include, Primož Roglič, currently the world’s top cyclist and winner of 2020 Velo d’Or. Primož, an Adria Ambassador and world-class partner, uses a Sonic Supreme to support his training and competition racing. 

You can follow the race at