Frequently asked questions on Adria MACH

Is it possible to install MACH in the aftermarket?

This is only possible on products from season 2020 on, where MACH is available as an option.

How to connect with MACH?

Connecting to MACH can be done locally (Wifi, Bluetooth, LTE), or remotely (LTE). When there is no SIM card in the MACH box, the best way is to use Bluetooth - pair both devices.

❗ Please note that Bluetooth connection for iPhone only works from MACH software version 0.12.16 on.

To connect withMACH viaWifi, turn on the Wifi on your phone, then find MACH-<MACHID> ssid and use the default password “adriaadria”. 

❗ After connecting to MACH, please change your WiFi password in settings.

What is the defualt WiFi password?

The default password is “adriaadria”. After connecting to MACH, please change your WiFi password in settings.

Where is the MACH QR code?

MACH QR code can be found on two places:

  1. Among documents that came with the vehicle purchase.
  2. In one of the the vehicle's hanging cupboards.

Where can I get MACH manuals?

MACH instruction manual is included among documents that came with the vehicle purchase. Online manuals are currently being prepared and will be available on the MACH page.

LTE is not working, what can I do?

Check under settings if your LTE switch is turned ON and if entered APN data is correct. Please find APN (Access Point Name) data on your SIM card provider's website or contact them directly. In case you are using a prepaid SIM card, please check if you have enough credit.

MACH went into sleep mode, how do I wake it up?

MACH will wake up if you do any of the following actions:

- Turn ON the motorhome engine.

- Plug in 230V.

❗ Make sure to recharge the battery or MACH will go back into sleep mode.

LTE is not working in another country. What can I do?

Firste check your APN settings. Then check if your SIM card provider allows roaming and make sure you have enough credit. And lastly, check if roaming is enabled in MACH settings.