Adora - Caravan of the Year 2021 in the Netherlands

On the 14th Ocotber 2020 it was announced that the new generation ADORA has been rewarded with the title ANWB Caravan of the Year 2021 in the Netherlands. This yearly award is given to the most innovative caravan of the season. 

The jury, all experts in the caravaning industry, finds: “Aerodynamic details such as the futuristic looking wind diffusers and the integrated handles and back bumper, are favourable to the airflow. This benefits the driving capacities. Very special is the window surface in the front that runs all the way up to the roof. All models have an elegant and spacious interior. The kitchen separates itself as an independent element with its own colour and design. Practical: the aluminum rail throughout the caravan can hold trays and pockets for small things to store. The improved storage space with useful drawers, the optimised bathroom with indirect lighting, heating, ergonomic toilet and foldable sink are great solutions as well.”