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Adria Mobil and the environment

Environmental policy - Adria Mobil, d.o.o.


By implementing the environmental policy, Adria Mobil has committed to sustainable development, and prevention and reduction of environmental impacts, to ensure that present and future generations can live in a healthy and clean environment. Compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001, legal and other relevant requirements, will ensure that everyone at Adria Mobil conducts themselves in a responsible manner towards the natural environment and:


1. We shall consider care for the environment in our development and strategic goals as well as in all business processes, to improve further our environmental management system,

2. Systematic setting of environmental objectives and product ranges will ensure constant care for efficient use of natural resources including energy, water, raw materials, materials and safe use of chemicals. In the event of any deviations, we shall take appropriate action,

3. We shall identify and reduce all types of negative impacts on the environment based on the analysis of the entire life cycle of products and services,

4. We shall aim to reduce the risk of pollution caused by environmental accidents,

5. Through regular education and training of employees and internal communication, we shall increase the environmental awareness and promote responsible conduct,

6. We shall cooperate and inform the interested public about the status and our achievements relating to the environmental management.


The management is committed to implementing the environmental policy and will encourage all who work in or for the Company, to act responsibly. Furthermore, the management is committed to implementing the environmental policy in all subsidiaries of Adria Mobil.


Care for colleagues, health, safe working environment and precision at work is the responsibility of every individual.


Adria Mobil is committed to environmental sustainability in order to prevent and reduce the negative impact on the environment. By complying with environmental requirements, we want to give the present and future generations a chance to live in a healthy and clean environment.

Commitment of the Trigano Group
Conservation of nature and respect for the environment are among the fundamental values that have long been part of the corporate culture of Trigano. These values are inextricably linked to the company's core business, which has for more than 60 years been focusing on outdoor recreation. The environmental activities of the Trigano Group primarily include the development of environmentally friendly products, controlling the environmental impact of production and reducing pollutant emissions coming from the use of vehicles.

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Adria Mobil has become actively involved in a European recycling project

Starting in July, Adria Mobil has been taking an active part in the new European project of transforming plastic packaging and newsprint paper into new high-tech products for the automotive, packaging and construction industries. The project, entitled CEPLAFIB, is being funded by the European Commission, and is following the circular economy model. The key objective of the project is to increase the recycling rate of waste materials by 40%, while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount. 

The project, which will last until 2021, has already received EUR 1.8 million of European funds, and involves five partners from four European countries: Adria Mobil, Omaplast and Tecos from Slovenia, Aitiip from Spain, Ecopulp from Finland and ITB Institute from Poland. The Slovenian coordinator of the project is Tecos - Industrial Association of Toolmakers from Celje, which will, in collaboration with Aitip Technology Centre from Spain, define the best composite formulations for the production of finished prototype products for both the automotive and packaging sectors. The Slovenian company Omaplast is participating in the project as the main partner for the establishment of a recycling production line for the processing of plastic waste into polymer granules, while Ecopulp from Finland will cover the regeneration of cellulose fibres from newsprint paper waste. Adria Mobil is taking part in the project as an end user of newly developed material for various applications in the interior design of motorhomes, while the Polish company ITB - Building Research Institute will try to implement these recycled materials in the construction sector.

And why is this important? Because the people living in the European Union produced about 25 million tons of plastic waste just in the last year, only 30% of which has been recycled. It is known that the proper procedures for collecting, sorting and managing plastic waste are a prerequisite for recycling, but the bigger challenge is finding ways to utilize these recycled materials in a cost-effective manner. The CEPLAFIB project, in which Adria Mobil is now actively involved, may offer some solutions to these challenges.