Committed to excellence

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Committed to excellence

Quality and excellence policy - Adria Mobil, d.o.o.


Adria Mobil aims to achieve and maintain the highest internationally recognised level of quality performance. To this end, we are continuously improving and implementing the principles of quality and excellence, and with the help of knowledge and innovation, we develop, produce and sell safe, highly functional and reliable products including caravans, motorhomes and vans to customers who wish to spend their precious leisure time comfortably. We aim to provide the customer with the best user experience achieved with the help of our excellent products.


The principles of quality and excellence that we are committed to include:

1. We are constantly looking for opportunities to add value to end-users by understanding, anticipating and meeting their needs and expectations;

2. Our leaders at all levels set and implement goals and act as an example of values ​​and good business ethics;

3. We appreciate the efforts of all employees and create a culture of knowledge, empowerment and employee development;

4. We make our decisions based on recognising and understanding objective facts and based on our fast and efficient response to identified opportunities and risks;

5. By understanding and managing interrelated relationships and processes, we achieve and maintain excellent results that meet both the short-term and long-term needs and expectations of all our stakeholders aimed towards sustainable development;

6. We strengthen the Company's capabilities through the management of internal changes and good mutual relations with partners;

7. In cooperation with our stakeholders and use of the latest technologies, we create greater added value for all our customers including distributors, traders and end-users, and a higher level of business performance;

8. Our activities have a positive effect on the world around us, as we promote the development of economic, environmental and social conditions in the communities where we operate, as we transit towards a circular economy.


The management is committed to implementing the quality and excellence policy and to encouraging its compliance on the part of all who work in or for the Company and to striving to implement this policy and commitment to it also in the subsidiaries of Adria Mobil.


Care for colleagues, health, safe working environment and precision at work is the responsibility of every individual.