A few days by the sea: a short holiday with family and caravan on the Brouwersdam

For some it's a holiday on the motorway, for others it's the best time of the year. As a camper, you can either love the Brouwersdam in Ouddorp or not - I don't think there's much in between.

My love affair began a good ten years ago when we became aware of the Brouwersdam thanks to camping friends. Brouwersdam thanks to camping friends. Since then, we have travelled there every year to South Holland over Ascension Day and Whitsun, where we enjoy the hustle and bustle to the full, year after year.

 A day at the Brouwersdam: The day starts early. We meet up with our camping friends at the dam before sunrise. After all these years, we are a pretty well-rehearsed team, so that each car can quickly take up its position and form a sheltered caravan fort. It is still absolutely quiet at the dam, so we all go back to bed until breakfast.

Later, we like to walk along the kilometre-long sandy beach and have a snack in one of the many beach clubs. Each club has its own style and its own individual advantages - luckily I never have to choose one beach club because they are all fantastic.

The Zee beach club is built on stilts and at high tide you are practically sitting in the water and have a gigantic view over the sea. Natural High is the surfer club, with a cool shop and football goals on the doorstep, Brouw makes the best nacho plate and has a playground for the little ones and T'Gorsje offers a family and international culinary experience.

Of course, the Brouwersdam is an Eldorado for all water sports enthusiasts. Kitesurfers of all skill levels in particular have great conditions here in good wind conditions conditions and in places even a comfortable standing area. There are plenty of surf and kite schools, whether at Natural High or at Paul's Kite School, from taster courses to private lessons, there is a wide range on offer.

Fortunately, the weather cannot be manipulated and so the wind does what it wants. We've experienced everything at the Dam. 4 days of non-stop wind and the very best kitesurfing conditions, but we've also had 4 days with absolutely no wind. This time can also be used for SUP, yoga, fishing, volleyball, Viking chess or simply lying lazily in the sun.

We like to round off the evening with dinner together at a long table. For me, that's the advantage of taking your "house" with you to the beach and always having everything with you.From chilled wine to steak - everyone grills and enjoys according to their needs.

The highlight of the day is always the sunset, which colours the sky in the most beautiful red-orange tones and makes three days by the sea feel like a wonderful eternity.

Spending the night at Brouwersdam is not permitted, so after sunset we head to Camping Brouwersdam. For me personally, this is the best place to spend the night.

The advantages are obvious, you can be at the campsite in 5 minutes and can even stay coupled up as a large caravan. The site, which is open all year round, is carefully

and neatly parcelled out and since this year there is a new, modern and comfortable wash house with washing machines, dryers and coffee machines. At the end of the site there is a large play area with a trampoline, football goals and swings for the children. If you would like to order bread rolls, you can do so at reception.

Camping at Brouwersdam simply means spending the whole day by the sea, letting your mind wander and fully recharging your batteries - for me personally, every year anew, a fantastic short holiday.

"We" - that's Gabriele Ottmann from "wei ko rei" (wine - cooking - travelling) and her family. Follow "wei ko rei" on Instagram for more Alpina camping adventures and inspiration for "full-time enjoyable living"!


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