Chasing the midnight sun from the comfort of our home

The beauty of this journey lay not only in the destination but in the simple joy of the road. The Adria Twin Sport was more than just a mode of transport; it was our comfortable, calm center no matter where we landed. A place to slow down and recharge between activities.

The landscape changed remarkably as we headed north. Rolling hills and lush greenery turned to plains, then mountains and fjords. Our motorhome took us through winding roads, introducing us to a new gorgeous scene at every turn.

Reaching Lofoten we were welcomed by a paradise unlike anything else. Giant towering mountains met crystal-clear turquoise water. As the night arrived, the midnight sun covered everything with a golden veil. It embraced us with its soft, lingering light and we intuitively knew that this would be an adventure of a lifetime. The constant sunlight had us hiking up mountains in the middle of the night, and we felt like we never wanted to go to sleep. But coming home and laying down in our comfortable bed, we just couldn’t keep our eyes open for long.

Our Adria Twin Sport proved its worth as we camped in various spots. To get a good nights sleep in a comfortable bed, cook a proper meal in the kitchenette or just enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee – all of which enabled all the exploring of our surroundings as we were fully energized. To be free in where to go because we knew that wherever we went, all we needed was right here.

This trip enriched us incredibly. Creating new memories together, meeting friends, who enjoy the same things as us, to share these moments with. Under the midnight sun, we shared stories and experiences with fellow travelers from around the world. Barriers melted away and friendships blossomed.

As we eventually left the North, our hearts were full of gratitude, as with every journey we take on together. The difference this time? Feeling well rested and instantly ready for whatever our next adventure might be - as if we never left the comfort of our own home.

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