Finally on the road again for longer

After our first big vanlifetour towards the south, our Twin Campervan became our base camp and second home to escape the daily routine for a few hours. A side of our Vanlife that we enjoy very much. But to be on the road for longer again? Yes, please! So an itinerary was needed. On our list: Allgäu, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Black Forest.

Short breaks from everyday life, weekend trips - planned or spontaneous - with the family or alone. 

First stop: Dinkelsbühl. A beautiful town with a medieval inner city centre steeped in history. A stroll through the market streets was just the thing for the travel break. Afterwards, we continued in a relaxed manner towards Wangen im Allgäu. For the night, we chose a free car park at the ruins of Neuravensburg Castle. A very quiet place and with the wonderful view from the castle ruins the next morning, the start of the new day was simply beautiful.

The route for the first part of the second day of travel: along the Austrian side of Lake Constance towards Liechtenstein, the fourth smallest state in Europe. The destination: Vaduz Castle. The landmark of Vaduz is enthroned on a rocky terrace above the town. The castle is the residence of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein and can only be visited from the outside, but it is well worth it thanks to the beautiful Alpine scenery! What didn't play along, however, was the weather. So after a short stay, it was time to continue towards Switzerland. A campsite at the foot of the Säntis became the station for the night. 

And then the surprise in the morning: 15 cm of fresh snow! A winter wonderland in the middle of April. We took the mountain railway up to the Säntis. The panoramic view from 2,500 m above sea level of the six countries Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy and Switzerland was breathtakingly beautiful. An unforgettable moment! And the subsequent hike below the Säntis through the winter-like landscape also left a lasting impression. For the overnight stay on this day, a beautiful campsite above Ebnat-Kappel at the Tanzboden ski lift offered itself.

A new day, a new Vanlife destination: Lake Zurich. This time with sunshine and pleasant temperatures. After a short rest above the lake, we were already on our way to the campsite for the next night. To catch the panoramic view of Lake Zurich and the Alps, a short hike to the Pfannenstiel lookout tower was on the agenda. 174 steps, seven intermediate platforms and then the reward: a wonderful view from 33 metres above the surrounding mountains and the lake! 

After the alpine landscape and nature, it was time again for some history and a visit to a town. Stein am Rhein, a small town west of Lake Constance in north-eastern Switzerland, is famous for its well-preserved old town centre, beautiful façade paintings, half-timbered houses with their bay windows and stepped gables, and medieval gates and towers. Definitely worth a visit! Not far from Stein am Rhein is one of the three largest waterfalls in Europe: the Rhine Falls. A 'must-see' for this vanlife tour. An impressive natural spectacle, easily accessible thanks to developed paths and viewing platforms. In the afternoon, we continued towards the Black Forest and ended the day with a relaxing hike up the Feldberg.

The pleasant temperatures on the coming day make the decision easy: simply relax and enjoy the weather on a beautiful hike above Todtnauberg with many stops in between. And what comes after nature? Quite clearly: a city! Freiburg was the destination for the evening. The last place to camp for the night for the Twin on this tour: a car park at the quarry pond near Offenburg. And then it was time to head back home. 

Conclusion after 1,700 kilometres: Another extremely successful Vanlife tour! Weather-wise with the most different seasons: Winter, spring and summer in just a few days. And just the right mix of charming towns with history and beautiful nature!  

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