Finding the right recreational vehicle

If you are considering having your own recreational vehicle, how do you decide which vehicle is best for you? 

Campervans are smaller, easier to drive and park than motorhomes. Minivans like the Adria Active offer flexible accommodation, in a compact vehicle and many owners use them as daily drivers or second cars. The most popular campervans are converted panel vans, like the Adria Twin. These vans provide comfortable accommodation, with the added benefits of a proper bathroom and toilet. The Adria Twin Sports add pop-top roof accommodation, making them great for families and for sports users, enabling bulky gear to be stored in the back. 

Motorhomes offer a really high level of comfort and practicality and are great for touring. The Adria range includes the agile, go-anywhere Compact; the best-selling ultra-versatile Matrix; the Coral famed for its exclusive sunroof and high levels of comfort; for large groups and families, the Coral XL is a great choice, with over-cab bedroom design; and for the most luxurious touring choose our integrated motorhome design, the Sonic. 

While you’re driving, all passengers must wear seat-belts in any of these vehicles, so make sure there are enough fixed seats with belts for all travellers.

Caravans, remain popular because they offer separate living accommodation which you tow with a car, so you don’t need to buy an extra vehicle, although always take advice on your car’s suitability for towing. They are convenient too as they can be set up at a camping site pitch and you can use your car for day trips, without any hassle.

The Adria range includes the original compact Action; great first-timer and extra- value caravans the Aviva; the Altea which are especially sought after by families; the best-selling Adora range, known for its extra large panoramic window and the Alpina high performance caravan, also with extra large panoramic window and famed for year-round all season use. The range-topping Astella, is a unique combination of mobile home and luxury caravan. 

Independent caravanning websites, Adria owner groups on social media and your Adria dealer are great sources of information, and many organisations offer towing training.

Select the perfect layout for you

Layouts. Adria offers layouts for all kinds of users –from lone travellers, couples, families and large groups. Once you have decided on the type of vehicle you want, the number of beds and the how living and storage spaces are arranged – the layouts – become the main factor.

Our Product Selector is a useful online tool to help you decide on your perfect model.  The above text should help you with the first step - choosing the type of recreational vehicle. Next you need to think about, for how many people you will be providing sleeping comfort. Here you also need to decide on the main bed type, for it cruciall affects the layout. For motorhomes and vans, you need to know how many people might drive at the same time.

Simple trick when selecting your perfect layout is keeping in mind that sun is unfortunately not always shining, and you need something, where you (all) can stay inside for a prolonged periods...

In any case, our product selector will lead you through deciding steps intuitively.

Product configurator

On some markets you can go even further. When you get to the perfect layout for your needs, you can continue and actually configure your vehicle: select engine, add equipment and options, see the price (and weight - really important!) and even ask for an offer.

Ready to take the next step?

When you are ready to take the next step, we suggest you arrange to visit an Adria dealer. We have over 500 dealers across Europe and beyond, all experts on caravanning lifestyle and on our vehicles. 

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