Small caravans for a great holiday

When it comes to big vs. small, the small ones are increasingly preferred. More precisely, the small caravans with a short and compact exterior length and sleeping berths for 2 - 4 people. Compared to the large caravans, they can score with a number of advantages.

1. The caravan weight

Small caravans simply weigh less than large caravans. Not only can they be pulled by a variety of towing vehicles, but slopes can usually be mastered more easily with a combination of vehicle and light caravan. 

The fuel consumption of the towing vehicle is lower: the less that has to be pulled, the less power has to be applied. And that is not only good for the wallet, it also means a plus point in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. 

We are still on the subject of weight, and now with regard to the engine variants of the towing vehicles: with the current models of electric cars, lightweight caravans in particular are often the only alternative at the moment, as the towing load here is usually lower than that of vehicles with combustion engines.

2. The driving licence class

The weight also determines which driving licence you need: 

For all vehicle owners whose driving licence was issued before 1999, a permissible total weight of 7.5 tonnes is registered, which may be moved. In this case, the weight of the caravan does not usually play a role in the choice of model.

You may manoeuvre a total weight of 'only' 3.5 tonnes if you have a Class B driving licence. The caravan and towing vehicle together must therefore remain below this maximum weight. With the small Adria caravans, which have a maximum permissible total weight of 1,000 to 1,3000 kg, the standard driving licence can be sufficient with an appropriate towing vehicle. 

The next weight category is for a total weight of more than 3.5 tonnes but less than 4.25 tonnes. Here, an extension of the class B driving licence to B96 is required, for which a course in a driving school must be completed, which consists of a theory and a practical part. There is no examination, the driving licence is only entered with the key number 96 in the driving licence. 

For the sake of completeness, the driving licence class BE should also be mentioned, which is required for a permissible total weight of towing vehicle and trailer over 4.25 tonnes and up to a maximum of 7 tonnes, but which should not play a role for small caravans due to their light weight. 

3. The caravan dimensions

You can always find a place for a small caravan somewhere. Whether on a pitch or camping site and then in the front row with a sea view or a magnificent view over the lake or the mountain panorama. Or if you're looking for a parking space at home or a storage space for the winter break. And if you do need a little more "living space" on holiday: with an awning you can quickly build yourself an extra room. 

The small and compact caravans also score extra points when it comes to manoeuvring and handling: both towing and parking the caravans is easier compared to the large and long caravans.

4. The acquisition costs for a caravan 

When you buy a small caravan, the purchase costs are lower. This is ideal for example for first-time buyers who are just discovering the comfort of camping. In addition, you may have more money left over for your holiday budget! 

With all the advantages, the size of the caravan must of course also simply suit you. To your own camping style and the way you want to spend your holiday. Are you the 'active holidaymaker' type? Explore nature, the area, the nearest town, whatever the weather. Being out and about. Pursue your sport. Are you mainly travelling alone, as a couple or with a small family? Then it is definitely worth taking a closer look at the small and compact Adria caravans. 

When you think of a small caravan when you think of Adria, the Action immediately comes to mind. With its distinctive exterior shape, efficient space layout and modern interior design, it is simply a caravan to fall in love with and has a huge fan base! With an exterior length of between 523 and 610 cm (depending on the layout), all Action models fall into the mini-caravan category. With a permissible total weight of 1,300 kg, the Action caravans can be towed by most towing vehicles.

For many who are considering buying a small and compact caravan for the first time, however, it may come as a surprise: the Aviva and Altea series also have them, the compact and short caravans. The Aviva models 360 DD, 360 DK and 400 PS, for example, score points not only for their external length of 553 or 596 cm, but also for their narrow width: at 209 cm, they are considerably slimmer than the larger caravan models. In the Altea caravan series, the smallest, the 4 Four 362 LH, has an exterior length of 570 cm and the 402 PH is on a par with the largest Action model at 610 cm.


Caravans for 2 persons: Action 391 DP

Caravans for 2-3 persons: Action 261 LH, Action 391 LH, Aviva 360 DD, Altea 4 Four 362 LH

Caravans for 2-4 persons: Action 391 PH, Aviva 360 DK, Aviva 400 PS, Altea 402 PH

Does all this sound like it would suit you? Or would you like more information, for example, about the interior design and the standard or optional equipment of the caravan layouts mentioned? Then take a look at our homepage, download the caravan catalogue or contact one of our authorised Adria dealers! And then start planning the first of many great holidays with your new second home ... 


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