Travelling with children

Traveling with children in a motorhome is an unforgettable experience. Planning is the key to a successful trip, whether it involves choosing a destination or simply letting the day unfold. At the same time, it's important to consider practical details such as clothing, safety, and essential accessories like shovels and binoculars. Here, we also emphasize important safety aspects, including the proper use of child car seats and actions to take in case of accidents. A journey filled with imagination, play, and bonding with the children.

Traveling with grandchildren is wonderful, being able to pamper and spend time with them without their parents. We usually start by selecting a place we want to visit or an activity to do. Planning for the trip is important. Deciding on meals, preparing, and not forgetting barbecue skewers are essential. Building a fire, cooking/preparing meals together, and enjoying a snack are all part of the experience.

  • Explore the surroundings, swim if it's summer. Don't forget swimwear.

  • Clothing - bring changes and dress according to the weather.

  • A shovel, magnifying glass, a jar/bucket for collecting insects and cones, and binoculars.

  • A book about animals and nature.

  • Evening relaxation, of course. Something delicious to eat and perhaps watch a movie together. Discuss the day's experiences. No schedules to follow. Sleep when you want. Go out in the middle of the night and gaze at the stars.

  • Practical items such as mattress protectors, extra clothes, a cozy blanket, or anything else the child wants to bring.


Traveling with children in a motorhome also means considering safety – as always. In our Adria Twin, Isofix anchors are installed as standard, which is very positive. Attaching child car seats is easy, and they are easy to remove. The child's age and height should determine the type of seat needed.

Being able to deactivate the airbag is also something to consider; this is a requirement for placing a child seat in the front passenger seat.

Here are two types of child car seats installed in our Adria Twin, one rear-facing and one forward-facing where it is also possible to remove the backrest and use the booster cushion.

In case of an accident, like when we were hit by another car and collided with a wild boar, contact the store where you purchased the child car seat to have it replaced. Getting the seat replaced is important because you never know the forces the seat has been subjected to, even if it looks okay.

Don't forget:

  • Short stages

  • Structure

  • Informality & imagination

  • Food and fluids are essential

  • Don't interrupt play, let the children finish their games.

Best regards, Håkan & Carina https://husbilsresorochaventyr.se/

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