Unforgettable summer holiday to Morocco with the Adria Twin Supreme SGX

Adventure Morocco

Summer is just around the corner, and with it the longing for adventure. We decide on a trip that will challenge us. Our destination: Morocco in the hot summer. Discover a kingdom full of contrasts, from the undulating dunes of the Sahara to the lively souks of Marrakech.

Our faithful companion: the Adria Twin Supreme SGX

We have been driving our Adria Twin Supreme SGX for four years now. Our van, which is more than just a means of transport - it becomes our home on wheels on holiday.

The Adria Twin Supreme SGX proves to be an invaluable companion for us time and time again. Its manoeuvrability enables us to reach even remote villages. The self-sufficient power supply gives us the freedom to camp under the starry skies of the desert without having to sacrifice comfort. With its integrated kitchen and comfortable bed, it offers us the opportunity to explore Morocco at our own pace.

The subsequent installation of a separate dry toilet allows us to remain independent and protect the sensitive ecosystem even in remote areas of Morocco, where disposal facilities are often lacking. It also significantly reduces our water consumption, which is particularly beneficial in Morocco, where water is a precious commodity in summer.

Morocco - A van adventure under the Maghreb sun

Every day brings new experiences. We cross the Atlas Mountains, whose majestic peaks bring us closer to heaven. We find peace and refreshment in the oases.

We drive along the dusty roads of Morocco. The van carries us safely through our adventures. Our journey through the land of contrasts is more than just a journey - it is an odyssey, a dance with the sun and the shadows of the Maghreb.

We - that's DONVENTURE. DON stands for D-Daniel, O-Ole and N-Nicole and venture for something daring. For us, DONVENTURE means experiencing adventure with the Adria Twin Supreme SGX. Get out of everyday life and into the world.

Stuck in the desert sand

Our journey takes us as far south as M'Hamid, the gateway to the Sahara. Here we experience the silence and vastness of the desert, which makes us feel humble and small. The hot summer in North Africa is not to be underestimated. The temperatures climb inexorably and the sun burns mercilessly from the sky. But our van is unshakeable. It masters every steep passage, every narrow alleyway in the vibrant cities and every sand dune that stands in our way, right down to the sandy ground in which we get stuck.

"The stony ground becomes sandier and suddenly the wheels get stuck. The thermometer now reads 48 degrees Celsius. We get out of the car. It feels like a hot wall that we are plunging into. The engine is running, the air conditioning cools the interior. Daniel fetches the sand tray and the shovel from the roof. The tyres dig in even at the second attempt... The mobile phone has given up the ghost and is blocked because of the heat. The handle of the shovel is hot. The sand too ..." [Excerpt from: Günther, Nicole . "Morocco - to the horizon and beyond" DONVENTURE, 2023]

One more attempt and the Twin is back on the road again!

Morocco and its diversity

Our route takes us through Morocco's picturesque landscapes and historic cities, with each place telling its own story. From the breathtaking gorges and waterfalls to the magical sand dunes, Morocco unfolded its beauty before our eyes. We traverse the fascinating natural landscape, immerse ourselves in the rich culture and history and lose ourselves in the labyrinth of souks in the royal cities.

"The campervan winds its way up and down like a serpentine. Behind every bend, the view of the valley opens up with lush greenery of various shades. From time to time there are stalls on the side of the road selling Moroccan pottery and souvenirs made from the leaves of the dwarf palms that grow here. We see women wearing straw hats decorated with colourful balls of wool. Rif peasant women who live their tradition and whom we will meet again on the way to Fès. The pearl of the Rif mountains lies ahead of us. Even on the journey, the blue colour shines towards us ..." [Extract from: Günther, Nicole . "Morocco - to the horizon and beyond" DONVENTURE, 2023]

We visit a lost place

In the rolling hills of Morocco, surrounded by forest, we discover a lost place slumbering in the silence of time. Nature embraces this lost place with unrivalled grace. All around us are green hills, clear air that fills our lungs and the azure sky arches above us. The hospital, an island of melancholy in a sea of green, tells stories with the creaking of tired beams and the whisper of the wind blowing through cracked windows.

"Once founded by the French colonial health administration to deal with tuberculosis, the eight-storey building quietly awaits further decay. Nobody seems to care about this crumbling building in Ben Smim. It is an empty shell, eaten away by time, like the lungs by mycobacteria in tuberculosis ..."

[Excerpt from: Günther, Nicole . "Morocco - to the horizon and beyond" DONVENTURE, 2023]Zum Nachlesen und 'mitreisen': „Marokko – bis zum Horizont und über den Tellerrand hinaus“ von Nicole Günther, DONVENTURE, 2023

Our journey continues through Morocco. We immerse ourselves in the past, wandering through the ruins of Volubilis, once a vibrant centre of the Roman Empire. Touching the ancient stones feels like echoes of days long gone.

 "Volubilis fell into ruin and served Fez as a quarry. Berbers used the Roman remains to build their own architecture in the famous medina with its labyrinth of narrow alleyways where people live, trade and sell. We are excited about the impressions of the royal city, which we are shown by the official guide Wafi." [Excerpt from: Günther, Nicole . "Morocco - to the horizon and beyond" DONVENTURE, 2023]

Experiences captured in the book "Morocco - to the horizon and beyond"

Our trip was so inspiring that we decided to write down our stories and experiences. Filled with background knowledge and personal anecdotes, our book was born: "Morocco - to the horizon and beyond". It contains snapshots that not only document our journey, but also invite us to leave our comfort zone and embrace the unknown.

Our travels with the Adria Twin Supreme SGX are more than an escape from everyday life; it's a time for us to grow together as a family, overcome challenges together and be inspired by the beauty of the world. It's a reminder that the greatest adventure is often to explore new paths together and discover the world with open eyes. Visit us at www.donventure.de and follow us on Instagram and join us on our travels: donventure.de. We look forward to seeing you!

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