Winter camping - Interior equipment

Insulation for rear doors

Sleeping with our heads directly towards a cold door… we quickly realized wouldn't be very cozy. We've tested two different models of insulation for the rear doors. Both models have pros and cons depending on preferences and how the camper is used.

We find the model that hangs on the doors with magnet fasteners to be the simplest. No mounting of brackets or similar is required on the vehicle or interior. The downside is that both the garage and living area open completely as soon as a door is opened. The advantage is that you can access both the storage space and living area without removing anything.

The second model is mounted with push buttons screwed internally into the camper. When you open the doors, the insulation covers against direct drafts. You can open the bottom to access the storage space, but there is no opening at the top. If you need to place something there, you’ll have to remove the insulation by undoing the push buttons.


Having stylish carpets in the camper is as obvious and important as it is at home. Since we have underfloor heating in our camper, it's crucial to have a mat that isn't too dense and doesn't have a rubberized underside, partly to prevent the heat from rising and to avoid the risk of marks on the floor from the mat. A custom-made mat provides a neat and cozy impression and also has sound-absorbing properties. There are many different models of carpets, and we chose one that matches both in terms of style and colour.

Windshield and Front Door Insulation

It's not just the front floor that strongly contributes to drafts but also the doors, windshield, and side windows. For several years, we've tested various models, both internal and external. However, we find the blanket from MASA to be the best and easiest; it is quick to put in place and pack away. We've also tried internal insulation, but condensation occurs on the inside of the windows, so we prefer the external model. If you want the option to open and be able to see outside while letting in the winter sun, there is also a model with an opening. The MASA blanket is not only great in the winter but also in the summer, as the silver surface is used to keep the heat out.

Heating mat

Something we've experienced in previous campers is that the area at the driver and passenger seats are often poorly insulated and thus a real cold spot. The floor is often completely uninsulated, significantly cooling down the entire camper. We've addressed this by installing a heating mat from Alde. The mat is connected to the regular heating system, circulating warm glycol through the mat. If you've installed a heat exchanger, it provides a warm and cozy feeling both while driving and when camping. Our experience, so far has been very positive!

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