Winter camping - Part 1: Preparing

When considering the purchase of a campervan or summer cottage, one often has a plan for its use. Perhaps one envisions using the campervan on weekends and extended holidays, either in the summer or throughout the year. The same applies to a summer cottage.

For those who grew up camping with a caravan/motorhome/campervan, it feels quite familiar and secure. However, for those lacking that knowledge and experience, having information on how to handle various situations is crucial. The key to feeling comfortable is having the confidence to venture out, and the more one knows, the better.

Where Can You Park?

If you're planning to use your campervan for accommodation while participating in various sporting events or similar activities, there are often designated parking areas available, typically without electricity.

Many campsites remain open during the winter. It's advisable to book early if planning to stay at a campsite before an event.

Several camper dealers also offer the opportunity to park at their designated spots for a nominal fee. Specific regulations at each location need to be clarified individually.

Various apps also highlight parking locations, but suitability for winter stays must be verified.

What If We Get Stuck?

For safe mobility during winter camping, winter tires are an absolute necessity. Carrying a shovel and a bucket of coarse sand/gravel for better traction is also recommended. Snow chains can be an option, but they're not meant for long distances and can damage the campervan if they break.

We've used both leveling blocks and hydraulic support legs, but it's important to consider how you'll get unstuck when choosing between them. With our campervan, we typically just park, ensuring that the head of the bed is at a higher level. There are varying opinions on how crucial it is to be perfectly level.

What If the Entire Campervan Is Covered in Snow and Ice?

All snow must be cleared before setting out. You're responsible for not causing harm to other drivers with snow falling off the campervan. Having snow on the campervan is legally equivalent to an unsecured load, potentially resulting in fines.

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