Winter camping - part 2: Essential aspects


Winter camping demands meticulous propane management and reliable winter tires. Automatic systems like DuoControl and a crash sensor enhance safety. Steel cylinders and studded winter tires are employed for cold conditions. Additional safety measures like snow chains and an LED light bar improve traction and visibility, fostering a sense of security on the road.


We travel year-round with our campervan and have thus learned a lot about the importance of properly maintained gas equipment. Unfortunately, at times, the gas bottle always runs empty at night – it's just the way it is.

During winter, when it is really cold, you can expect to use a lot of gas. Handling the gas should be practical. In cold weather, you want to make the gas exchange easy. You can install a DuoControl that automatically switches gas bottles; for extra safety, you can also equip it with a regulator heater, EisEx.

Proper Gas Management

We have a Duo-Matic gas system with a crash sensor and automatic switching between two bottles. We can see when the main bottle is empty, and the system switches to the reserve bottle. This way, we avoid changing gas bottles in the middle of the night. A crash sensor cuts off the gas supply in the event of a collision or impact and is equipped with EisEx to prevent freezing in the regulator during winter.

We have also equipped our gas system with filters to protect the gas regulator and valves from dirt and oil infiltration.

Gas Hose Safety

For everyone's safety, it is important to keep an eye on the condition of the gas hoses to ensure they are not cracked or past their expiration date.

Steel Bottles for Cold Conditions

In the summer, all types of bottles work well – composite, aluminum, and steel. When we are out during the winter, we only use steel bottles, which are the best when it's really cold. Heat is needed for the liquid in the tube to turn into gas, and this heat is taken from the surroundings. An aluminum bottle conducts "heat" the best. Lightweight bottles (composite) have no conducting ability. It sounds strange, but a steel or aluminum bottle can extract heat down to -35 to -40 degrees.

Gas Control Panel

Everything can be managed via the control panel for Alde heating, or a separate panel can be installed for this.


For us, studded winter tires are a must during our travels, as we prefer to travel on less busy roads and want to feel confident about traction and braking ability. Temperatures around -20 to -25 degrees have not been uncommon in recent weeks. In such conditions, it's crucial that the rubber compound of the tires retains its grip, and the tread can perform well in snow and ice.

Extra Safety Measures

We always carry a box of coarse crushed gravel that "bites" better than fine sand. And of course, we have snow chains, a shovel, and jumper cables.

With regular high beams

With an additional LED light bar installed


A properly illuminated road in front of the camper undoubtedly feels safer during the dark seasons of travel. This is especially important for early detection of both people and animals or other hazards/obstacles on or near the road. Therefore, we have equipped our campervan with an LED light bar to enhance safety for both us and others on and beside the road.

Next Post: Insulation Blankets and Heating Mats

The next post will be about insulation blankets for the front windshield, rear doors, interior mats, heating mat, and a few other things to make it extra warm and cozy inside the campervan.

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