Your Adria needs maintenance

You might not be travelling far for your holiday this year but your recreational vehicle needs maintenance anyway. Why is that?

We are all eager to go on a holiday. And if you love camping, you can go without any trouble. Peace, space, your own “home on wheels”, the ultimate holiday. Travelling far is not wise at this moment. For many the ideal occasion to go camping is in their own country. Good idea! 

However, a lot of people think that maintenance on caravan or motorhome can be skipped for a year in this case. Not a good idea.

Schedule an appointment with your dealer soon and celebrate spring with the most carefree holiday you can have – your camping holiday.

It is a misconception that your caravan or motorhome would not suffer from wear and tear when it is not or is hardly moving around. Moving parts that do not move for a long time, get stuck, tyres can flatten when standing still on one position for a long time and show weak spots and your gas installation always needs regular checks.

And, of course, let's not forget the yearly checks to comply with the warrantee conditions of a new vehicle.

Maintenance and checks are important. Think about:

  • Water leackage test; needed yearly for your warrante on water infiltration. To be executed by the official dealer and to be registered in the Adria warrantee system.

  • If your vehicle has been standing still for a longer period, have the dealer check your brakes and shockabsorbers. As well as the rubbers on your caravan. These parts need to work properly when you are driving. Having been without anything to do for a long time, they might get stuck possibly creating dangerous situations on the road.

  • The advice for tyres is: replace them after 6 years or sooner if neccessary. Have them checked by the dealer: do they still have enough profile, are they showing any weak spots? A blown tyre can happen anywhere, you do not have to drive far from home for that.

  • Have an official dealer check the gas installation in your vehicle. Gas tubes have an expiration date. Make sure your equipment meets the latest guidelines.

  • Also the engine part of your motorhome needs attention. Levels of all liquids need to be maximised. Your motorhome dealer will run neccessary checks in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

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