Meet the new generation
Designed for peak performance.
Our premium high-performance, all-seasons caravan. Distinctive Adria aerodynamic silhouette and extra-large in-line panoramic window (on most layouts). Durable ‘Comprex’ body construction, performance chassis and insulation and Alde heating. Feel inspired and at home in the elegant and contemporary living spaces.
Designed for peak performance.
Nr. of berths
4 — 9
Body length (mm)
6510 — 9637
Total length including drawbar (mm)
7856 — 10967
Total width (mm)
Mass in running order (MRO, kg)
1620 — 2310
Total height (mm)
2600 — 2610
Inspired design
Inspired design for peak performance, practicality and comfort.

1 EXTERIOR DESIGN, aerodynamic, for clean and elegant style.
2 REAR WALL DESIGN, with multi-functional full LED lights.
3 PANORAMIC WINDOW, in-line wide design, on most layouts.
4 PERFORMANCE CHASSIS from AL-KO and Knott. AKS and ATC available.
5 INNOVATIVE WIND DIFFUSERS, for more efficient towing.
6 WIDE ENTRANCE DOOR and double-glazed ‘flat’ tinted windows.
7 HIGHER VOLUME STORAGE and integrated handles.
8 INTEGRATED TENT PROFILE with optional LED silhouette light.

Signature features
Exclusive Alpina signature features for high-performance adventures.
Performance chassis
AL-KO and Knott chassis for secure and stable towing, both with stabiliser coupling and optional trailer control system. AL-KO on single axle and Knott on double-axle caravans.
Our in-line design brings light and the feeling of space for ‘atrium-style living’. Includes integrated shading and ventilation features.
Full LED multifunctional rear lights for automotive style and functionality.
This innovative feature, aids wind diffusion, look stylish and help towing efficiency.
Optional unique LED silhouette lights to brighten up your evening outdoors.
Automotive style graphics, with familiar Adria lines, premium finishes and chrome badges.
Home-style feeling
A feeling of home with elegant interiors and a special home-style ambiance.
  • Intuitive light management for ambiance control.
  • Extra-large panoramic window (most layouts).
  • High quality sound system with Bluetooth® amplifier.
  • Organized storage with dedicated spaces for personal items.
  • Adria Alde heating.
Contemporary living spaces
Everything is designed for the ultimate holiday living experience.
The large panoramic window means ‘atrium-style’ living, with natural light, controllable shading and ventilation, with easy-to-open spring hinges.
  • Living room beneath large panoramic window.
  • Dinette with comfortable seating, adjustable headrests.
  • Concave overhead cupboards, strong hinges and smart storage solutions.
  • Home-style TV cabinet.
  • Re-chargeable light for indoor-outdoor use.
The home-style design is inspired by the best home kitchens.
  • Elegant design with premium chrome details.
  • Large working surface and real wood chopping board.
  • High loading capacity drawers and smart storage profiles.
  • High quality appliances.
Elegant bathroom with extra space, lighting and plenty of storage.
  • Large volume sink.
  • Storage for personal things.
  • Mirror with ambient light.
Bedroom designs, with all formats of bed, for a great night’s sleep.
  • Quality sprung beds in many formats.
  • Luxury mattresses, with cold-foam for extra comfort.
  • Controllable lighting, with intuitive light panel.
  • Elegant storage solutions.

A choice of layouts designed for the way you want to live, including unique layouts for large families and groups.
Featured Layout: Alpina 663 PT with exclusive compact panoramic door for indoor-outdoor living.

Inspired solutions
Innovative new solutions for inspired living all-year round.
Easy access gas storage outside, with Smart boxes available. Inside, large volume concave design cupboards. Large wardrobe design and multi-purpose kitchen storage, including large capacity drawers and utensils track. Smart storage for personal items too.
Intuitive light management.
Enjoy more connected living, with digital control panel and a range of multimedia solutions including high quality sound system with hidden speakers, Bluetooth ® amplifier, TV point and holder, and multiple USB ports.
MACH smart control mobile application as standard. MACH Plus available as option.
Inspired seating design, adjustable and comfortable (option, layout dependent).