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A passion for the New Adora 673PK

A passion for the New Adora 673PK

Passion. We take great care when designing and developing new models and layouts. We have a passion for what we do, for innovating and for listening to consumers.

The new Adora 673PK is a great case study example. We listened to consumers and found many who seek a new layout: with two entrance doors and an extra room.

This extra room is a multi-purpose and super useful extra space and accommodation. Whilst it’s become known as the “teenager lounge” in reality it offers so many new possibilities.

Older children when caravanning often need their own space for games, chilling out and for sleep-overs. The key to it it’s their own space - and in the new Adora 673PK caravan they have it! Plus it’s really well equipped and flexible too.

Our caravan product manager, mrs. Erna Povh, the project leader, was the first to try out the new Adora with her own family. With 5 kids and a dog, we say Adora faced a proper “real-life” test. These are the photos from their vacation in Menina, Slovenia.

“The Adora 673 PK performed as we designed it to. It’s easy to tow and use, has really useful extra space and accomodation and most important the family gained a separate “living space”.

Erna's top 6 Adora 673 PK features:

1. Intimacy, provided by separated rooms nad entrances.
2. All beds longer than 2.000mm.
3. Separate shoe wardrobe - by the entrance.
4. Many easily accessible storage places (bigger drawer under the bed, drawers under dinettes).
5. Separate shower and big, comfortable bathroom.
6. Panoramic window above the bed.

Erna has a passion for what she does and tests all our new caravans personally! Her family also gave the new Adora a big thumbs up!

The Adora caravan range has found many fans in the last few seasons and for the new Inspirations magazine issue we asked Erna to explain why it’s been such a sales success - read the article here.

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