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A roadtrip with Adria Adora 512 UP - part 2

A roadtrip with Adria Adora 512 UP - part 2

Mark & Gerdineke travelled with a caravan for the first time. The roadtrip took them from the Netherlands, to Germany, Austria, Italy and Adria homeland Slovenia. How was it for them? How did they experience this caravaning holiday? And …. Will they do it again?

Why did you want to try going on holiday with a caravan?

We were curious for the experience of going camping with a caravan. Taking your own home with you and enjoying the comfort of your own car. You can visit a lot of destinations if you want and travel around in your own pace. On top, we really enjoy the atmosphere and lifestyle at a campsite.

Practical question: what kind of car do you have and what about your drivers’ lisence? How was it, driving the combination around?

We own an Audi a4 avant 2.7 V6 diesel. I myself (Mark) have a BE lisence. My wife did not drive the combination.
The driving itself was better than I expected. The caravan, with a maximum weight of 1.500 kg. was very steady and smoothly behind my car. Just the fuel consumption was high, in average 1 – 5 (350 km per full reservoir). 

Was it easy to place the caravan on the campsite places?

In most campsites it was very easy to put the caravan on the right place. This was a pleasant surprise to us. We travelled with a motorhome before, that is really easy to place. This time with the caravan, we experienced the same ease. Different, but easy to do.

What was positive for you about this Adora 512 UP?

For us the layout of the caravan is very good. And the use of space … no space is too small. It is well equipped for cooking, storage (also in the kitchen), a big fridge with freezer. And the bed in the rear is perfect for 2 people. The spacious U-group can even have 5 people. And last but not least, the wardrobe …

Did you use the shower?

No, we did not use it. The showers at the campsites were great. We did find the toilet compartment very practical. The Ergo bath with the foldable tray gives you a lot of space. Very comfortable.

The caravan was equipped with an awning. Was this ok for you or do you prefer a full tent?

I prefer this fixed awning, possibly with some sidewalls. We were travelling around a lot and this was therefore very conveniet. I would have fixed the awning the same way so you can make a tent out of it, if you want to. For when you decide to stay longer in one place.

In which way did you experience this holiday differently from a hotel-holiday?

This was our best holiday ever! You have everything you need; your own home, your own car, your own groceries and you are so flexible in moving around. Enjoying a glass of wine under the awning, outside, instead of in a hotellobby. We really enjoyed other travels, such as with a motorhome, but the freedom we experienced of placing the caravan and taking our own car wit hus … made all the difference in our experience. Really, our best holiday ever!

Anything you would like to share with us?

We really enjoyed this Adora 522 UP. We also know there are more models out there with other layouts and different equipment levels. Before we make our final choice about which caravan is best for us, we will go camping with a caravan again. A different layout.

For sure we will buy a caravan of our own. This is absolutely our way to enjoy our holidays best!

Mark & Gerdineke Nijkamp

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