If you are seeking freedom and adventure, owning a motorhome is a great choice.
Designed for living
All of our motorhomes are designed for living, where the details matter and every centimetre really counts. The science of layouts and construction, with everything in the right place, is learned over decades and Adria brings this experience to every layout.
Designed to perform
All Adria motorhomes are also designed to perform. Everything is meticulously designed, developed and tested to ensure your safety, comfort and enjoyment. Built to enjoy, built to last.

Exclusive exterior styling with dynamic front profiles, stylish rear walls and signature features such as the Adria exclusive design features on many models.


Perfect integration with the base vehicle, with a choice of Fiat and Citroen depending on the model you select. The latest Euro6 engines and a range of driver and safety aids.


Adria’s unique ‘Comprex’ body construction combines the torsional strength of wood, the durability of polyester and the moisture-stopping properties of polyurethane.

Climate control

Designed for living, all year round, with optimized heating efficiency by Truma or Alde. Precisely engineered and tested to extremes in our climate chamber.


The latest thermal insulation materials, sophisticated heat and air flow management to Adria’s ‘Thermo-build’ standards and no ‘cold-spots’.


Adria’s sophisticated Air Flow System means every vehicle has integrated air-flow and ventilation, with no coldspots.


Large, advanced design panoramic windows with built-in features. All windows and doors integrated to ensure optimum natural lighting, ventilation, privacy and security.


Craftsman-built cabinetry integrated with heating and air flow for optimum thermal efficiency. Large garage design, with light and power and great storage solutions inside.


Contemporary living spaces with optimized space and functionality for comfortable living and a home-style feeling.


Class-leading 2 Year General Warranty and 7 Year Water Ingress warranty as standard, a dealer network of over 500 dealers, and efficient after sales and parts service, with roadside assistance, where provided by the base vehicle manufacturer.

Body construction
Adria motorhomes have a reputation for being robustly built, which reflects our approach to design, construction and quality management. Adria’s unique ‘Comprex’ construction combines the torsional strength of wood, the durability of polyurethane and the moisture-stopping properties of polyester.

1 Composite wood panel
2 Polyurethane sealing
3 EPS Styrofoam
4 Exterior polyester bodyshell cladding (sidewall)
5 Exterior polyester body shell cladding (floor)
6 XPS Styrofoam insulation foam
7 Reinforced hardwood profile

Climate control
Our motorhomes are built to Adria ‘thermo-build’ standards, making them suitable for use all year round. Featuring advanced insulation materials, precisely engineered heating design and Adria Air Flow System for ventilation and optimum circulation of air, cooling and heating. All vehicles are tested in our own climate chamber, from -25 to +60 degrees and in humidity from 45 % to 80 % between +30 and +60 degrees. Comfort is assured in warmer conditions, with good ventilation, integrated shading, screens and thermo-shielding in our panoramic windows. Optional air conditioning is also available.
Truma warm air heating or Alde liquid based central heating, which distributes heat evenly throughout the motorhome. Optional electrical floor heating also available.
Adria MACH smart control mobile application locally or remotely*, controls heating, cooling and other vehicle utilities on selected models.
Fiat ducato
The Fiat Ducato offers the latest in design, performance and features. Powerful and efficient 2.2 l Multijet 3 (Euro 6.d Final) engines, at 140 HP and Power 180 HP. A choice of manual or automatic gearbox (from 140 HP on), the latest exterior and interior styling, including new cabin, dashboard, infotainment systems, driver and safety aids.
Citroën Jumper
The Citroën Jumper is now available on all motorhomes, excluding integrated models. Efficient and powerful 2.2 l HDi engines (Euro 6.3) at 140 HP and 165 HP. Features a high-level of standard equipment, with a manual only 6-speed gearbox and the benefits of a large 90 l fuel tank.

We choose the base vehicle and chassis for each motorhome for the best torsional strength, performance dynamics and interior living space design. All vehicles offer the latest Euro 6 engines, advanced driver and safety aids.


Proven chassis with the following features:
• Rigid rear axle with longitudinal parabolic composite leaf springs, & telescopic dampers.
• Up-to 4,400 kg MPTLM.
• 16" wheels optional for Light Chassis models.


The Citroën Jumper chassis on selected Axess
• Up-to 4,000 kg MPTLM
• 16" wheels optional for Light Chassis models.