10 tips for travelling with children in a family motorhome

Family holiday with a motorhome? You bet! The advantage of having your own motorhome: it really is your second home. Everything is familiar for the children, even on holiday.  With a motorhome, you also take exactly what you need with you. Everything is at hand and tailored to your needs. And in the end, you are flexible: you determine the travel planning and itinerary. 

Here are our 10 tips for travelling and camping with children in a motorhome: 

Tip 1: When looking at campsites and pitches, look not only for the criterion "suitable for motorhomes", but also for "suitable for children". Spacious playgrounds, a range of activities and large family bathrooms in the sanitary facilities make your camping stay more relaxed. In addition, you can be sure that children are also welcome as guests! And it doesn't have to be far away. Your home country also has a lot to offer!

Tip 2: When planning your route, take into account that there will certainly be one or two unplanned stops when travelling with children. Find out if there are any places on the way to your destination where you can take a break and the children can let off steam. Perhaps there is a farm or playground not far from the motorway where a short stop is worthwhile? After all, the journey is part of the holiday! 

Tip 3: Pack everything for the children that begins with the word "favourite": favourite bedding, favourite cuddly toy, favourite snack ... Does your child have a favourite picture or poster at home? Take a photo of it and stick it next to where your children sleep. This way, the little ones have everything with them that is important and familiar to them, which makes the time on the road so much less complicated! 

Tip 4: Take running bikes, scooters or bicycles for your children. The paths on the campsite, around the lake or through the town will be easier if the kids have a wheeled vehicle with them.

Tip 5: Plan for rainy days too: The seating area in the motorhome is perfect for a cosy round of board and card games. Or how about colouring books for children and adults? This way, even a rainy day becomes a relaxing family time for the kids and for you.

Tip 6: Do your children like to try new dishes and foods? Then of course you can whip up something delicious on holiday from the ingredients that are available locally. But it is usually the case that children are less keen to experiment when it comes to new dishes. Therefore, when on holiday, use tried and tested recipes with ingredients that are available almost everywhere, or try out the camping recipes at home before you go on holiday and see if your children like them. Spices and dry food can be packed in portions and taken along!

Tip 7: Do you have teenage children who find it difficult to get excited about a family holiday in a motorhome? Maybe this will change if the teens get their own little kingdom in the form of a tent. A suitable awning can also be used to create more space so that the motorhome can be used as a retreat for the older children from time to time. 

Tip 8: Before you set off on any journey, make yourself aware of the dimensions of the motorhome. A small post-it note with the dimensions in the driver's cab is not a bad idea at all, so that you have the height of your motorhome directly in view at bridges, for example, or the width at construction sites. Especially when you are travelling with children, the tension is a little greater to ensure that the journey goes smoothly and you have essential information right in front of your eyes.

Tip 9: Check the first aid kit. And you should also check the high-visibility waistcoats to see if there is one for each passenger - including your children. 

Tip 10: Avoid driving your motorhome into city centres. If you are planning city visits, find out in advance about Park & Ride options on the outskirts of the city and take public transport into the city centre. On the one hand, parking fees outside the city are usually much cheaper, and on the other hand, you will avoid the possibly tedious search for a parking space.

And for all those who imagine a holiday at the seaside, in the mountains or at the lake in a family motorhome but do not yet own a motorhome, here is a brief overview of our most popular family layouts in our motorhome ranges: 

Layout Matrix 670 DL

For families with one to two children: 

Matrix Plus 670 DL

The Matrix is part of our semi-integrated range. The advantages of the 670 DL: a large, cosy seating area thanks to the double dinette and a lift-up bed that provides a super comfortable sleeping place for two people but does not take up any space during the day. The longitudinal beds in the rear area can also be converted into a large lying area.

For families with three children: 

Coral XL 670 SL or Coral XL 670 SP

The 670 SL in the Coral XL range sleeps 5+1. The alcove area is loved by children: here they have their own little kingdom: as a playroom during the day and as a bedroom at night. In the 670 SP of the Coral XL range, the children also have their own "room" in the alcove area, but this layout has 6 sleeping berths thanks to the seating group that converts into a double bed and thus has plenty of space!

Layout Coral XL 670 SP
Layout Coral XL 670 SL