Are caravans the perfect accommodation with children?

Not that we are biased, but we say YES, because ... especially among young families, caravans are currently once again at the top of the wish list for accommodation on family holidays.

The reasons are obvious: 

  1. You are simply more flexible on site. The caravan remains at the campsite as a permanent base camp and you can explore the wider surroundings by car. Steep mountain passes, access roads to hiking trails and ski resorts or the car parks near the beach are often only open to cars. And a visit to the nearest town is also more relaxed with a towing vehicle. This means that family holidays can be much more varied and you have enough time to explore a region with all its facets. Explore more thanks to a caravan!

2.  Also falls under the heading of flexibility, but somehow different: if the weather forecast is wrong again and you decide to spend the afternoon in the nearest indoor swimming pool when it spontaneously starts to rain, you can simply drive off. You don't have to pack everything up, stow it away and secure it. Especially on holiday with children, you have a lot of small things with you that seem to be scattered everywhere. And in the caravan, they stay where they are until you're on your way home.

3. Another advantage of a caravan over a motorhome: despite the same exterior length, the caravan is simply larger. Inside, that is. The driver's cab and the engine compartment are no longer needed. And that leaves more space for the bedroom, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. It simply feels more homely! Even in the small and compact caravans, there is more of an apartment feeling than in a motorhome. 

4. And one further argument with regard to room size: this can be increased quite easily in a caravan. American-style slide-out? That would be one possibility, but what is meant in this case is the addition of an awning. And this then becomes a practical reception room, extra dining room, extra living room and extra storage space for children's scooters, rubber boots, sand toys, barbecue grills, camping furniture and so on and so forth for the entire duration of the holiday with no need for taking it down if you want to go an explore the wider surroundings by car.

5. A day alone with mum or dad at the campsite, even though the whole family is on holiday with you? It's easy thanks to the car and caravan. One parent simply stays relaxed in the caravan with one child while the others explore the area by car. One-to-one time with mum or dad is a great holiday bonus for siblings!

6. Family holidays are on average more expensive than a comparable holiday for two. So it's not bad for the family holiday budget if the purchase costs for the recreational vehicle are lower. Buying a new caravan is usually much cheaper than buying a motorhome with comparable equipment. This leaves more budget for the actual holiday with the family when you arrive at the holiday destination.

7. A caravan means you stay longer in one place. And that's positive? You can certainly see it that way. Because while you wanted to take as many kilometres as possible when you were younger, that often changes with family status. Just take a break. A change of scenery, yes, but without the hustle and bustle of travelling from one location to the next. Instead, parents prefer to explore the local area, and here we come back to point 1, because that's what you can do best when you have all the options open to you thanks to the towing vehicle.

For all those for whom the idea of buying a caravan has now become (even) more attractive, here is an overview of the most popular Adria family caravan layouts: 

Adora 613 PK 

A family caravan with 6+1 berths, all 2 m long. The kids have their own multifunctional area: bedroom at night, play or rest room during the day. 

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Altea 552 PK 

The 552 PK from the Altea range. A caravan with up to 7 berths where the whole family feels at home, bright and lively. The Altea 552 PK was the first choice for the extended Kehmeier family. How did their first holiday trip with the caravan go? Find out! (Link to Kehmeier article)

More layouts from the Altea caravan range here.

Aviva 522 PT

The Aviva 522 PT is a great starter caravan for families. Practical yet comfortable. A new style of camping that many families love!

More layouts from the Aviva caravan range here.

One family that has consciously said goodbye to their motorhome and opted for a family caravan are Kevin, Aafje, Floris (8) and Lotte (7) to be precise. Which Adria family caravan have these four lost their hearts to? 

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And after all the arguments in favour of a caravan as accommodation for a holiday with children, would a motorhome still be your holiday accommodation of choice on your next family holiday? That's good as well because motorhomes have their advantages too, of course! With the Matrix and Coral XL family motorhomes, we also have a variety of family-friendly layouts for you in the motorhome segment.