Make your free time count

Life in a motorhome makes it easy for us, we have the opportunity to get where we want, nothing is more wonderful than free camping, it gives us the opportunity to choose and be close to the nature.  

We live in a small place called Bjerkvik, in the northern part of Norway. We are blessed with outstanding nature on our doorstep and the opportunity to free camp. Imagine waking up in the morning to a new view from the bedroom window every day. This is where the new mountains hike starts right at the door; our approach to life is ‘to remember it is the free time that counts’. This is the recreational vehicle lifestyle. We use the motorhome from the end of April until the end of September. Weekend trips are often not so far from home, from one to four hours of driving one way.

We are lucky, from our home we can easily reach some of the most beautiful places that northern Norway has to offer. Places like Vesterålen, Lofoten Islands, Steigen and Senja. These are popular destinations for visitors to Norway.

In holiday season, we travel mostly in Norway, sometimes passing through our neighbour countries of Sweden and Finland. We try to find our new favourite place! Holidays are like very long weekends, they let us do what we appreciate most.

Our Sonic takes us on new roads, for new experiences. We take trips to the urban life in the cities, to the fjord, mountains and outdoor life. City trips are great! We enjoy concerts, museums and good food and drinks at cosy restaurants, feel the pulse that city life can give.

We have lazy days around the motorhome too, just enjoying the days off, relaxing, reading a book, listen to music, and enjoying the time together, away from hectic days at work and home. If the weather is bad, we can watch a movie on TV from Netflix and enjoy the time inside our atmospheric and beautiful home on wheels. Here the motorhome gives us all we need to enjoy the days in comfort and luxury.