Adria again among the recipients of prestigious German awards

Adria's products stood out the most in the category of imported products, as German users gave them the highest ratings by leaps and bounds, which is an extraordinary achievement and confirms the reputation of the Adria brand in one of the most demanding and competitive European markets. In addition, Adria also won the absolute second place in the category of entry-class caravans (Adria Aviva) and the absolute first place in the category of semi-integrated motorhomes (Adria Coral / Matrix).

The winners in the caravan segment of imported products were thus: the best-selling Adria Adora, the popular Adria Altea family caravan, the timeless and iconic Adria Action caravan, which has impressed buyers since 2005, when we first introduced it to the public, and the Adria Aviva Lite, a new light and innovative caravan, which was presented in the fall of 2023. The latter also won the prestigious EIA (European Innovation Award), which the commission awarded in the Sustainability and Environment segment. The Aviva Lite is partly made from recycled materials, and due to its light design and low weight, it is suitable for towing with smaller and lighter vehicles, which also means a smaller environmental footprint. Drivers of electric vehicles are also excited about the caravan for the same reasons, because the Aviva Lite, with its low weight, offers the right solution for all fans of caravanning.

The Adria brand has also received a number of awards in the motorhome segment. Readers of Promobil magazine ranked the Adria Supersonic integrated motorhome, the Adria Coral XL alcoven motorhome, the semi-integrated Adria Coral/Adria Matrix and Adria Coral/Adria Matrix Supreme series first in different categories. Adria was ranked first also in the van segment - the Adria Twin All-In and the Adria Twin Max took the first place in different categories. In the minivan segment, the Adria Active won in the category of the best imported compact vehicles.

The large number of awards strengthened the reputation of the Adria brand not only on the German, but also on the entire European market, and at the same time, the received awards are proof that customers value, recognize and reward products that are designed with high quality, innovation, functionality and also boast top design.

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